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Superhero Utility Belt with Gadgets

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Captain Intrigue’s Batman inspired Superhero utility belt offers convenience and accessibility, thanks to the incorporation of neodymium magnets. These magnets allow each gadget to be easily removed or repositioned on the belt, providing flexibility for any situation. Captain Intrigue prioritized durability by building the belt on a tactical belt base and utilizing nylon 910, a remarkably tough and impact-resistant material.

Captain Intrigue carefully selected the gadgets and gear for his utility belt, based on their usefulness for his superhero adventures.

Here are the 11 Gadgets included with the belt:

Mini Flashlight - Rechargeable 325 lumen micro flashlight with 2 brightness settings and up 1 hour of run time.

Tracking Device - Apple air tag used for tracking objects, vehicles and people worldwide using an iPhone.

Mini Audio Recorder - Only 1.6” in diameter with a built in magnet, 64gb of memory, 800 hours (33 days) of record time, 70 hour battery life

Mini butane torch - has adjustable flame, ignition button, fuel level window and it’s refillable.

Miniature power backup solution - with 5000mah capacity, lightning and USB-c options available

Mini stainless steel multi-tool - contains knife, hex wrenches, wire stripper, nail file, screwdrivers and a bottle opener.

Mini microscope - has UV light, internal illumination, focusing dial and it can magnify objects 20x.

Water tight aluminum container - for collecting samples or holding important items.

Audio distractor, - produces annoying loud cricket sounds at random intervals and has a 3 year battery life

10x25 mini long range monocular viewer - with focusing dial

Ear piercing 145db sonic alarm f- or dramatic distraction or security

***Please allow up to 4-6 weeks for delivery***


Every Belt is Custom made by Captain Intrigue and no Refunds, Exchanges or Cancellations are permitted. When you place an order you accept these terms.

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Last updated Jun 18, 2023

My Batman Inspired Superhero Utility Belt and all 11 Gadgets


Superhero Utility Belt with Gadgets

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